Thanks for every day you always remember and choose Pho Viet No1!

Pho Viet No1 was born based on the inherited element of the Vietnamese family from 1986 to the present and promote, harmoniously adapt the taste of 3 regions in each bowl of broth to create a strong Pho Viet No1 dish momentum - EAT IS MEMORY.

Brand story

In 1986, in his native Thai Binh, people here were acquainted with the traditional pho from Mr. and Mrs. Vu Xuan Huy's family. Mr. Huy opened a noodle shop with all the materials available from his homeland to serve the people here. It is from the novelty of making Pho that today, expatriates still do not forget to mention Mr. Huy's pho as a childhood memory. Huy's family has 5 children, and the youngest is Vu Viet Hung, who followed his father to sell pho from a young age. From this point, Mr. Hung learned from his father the recipe for a delicious bowl of pho.

With the desire to bring the Vietnamese flavor of Vietnamese Pho to the Vietnamese people, it must be combined from the flavors of the three regions in order to create a pervasive value, so Mr. Vu Viet Hung decided to launch the chain of Pho Viet No1 system.